Meland Konsernet har ansatt ny taleskribent og powerpointekspert

Dette er det første han har gjort:

Meland Konsernet is the industry leader of out-of-the-box metrics. Our frictionless feature set is unmatched, but our collaborative nano-CAE and simple operation is always considered an amazing achievement. Quick: do you have a dynamic game plan for regulating unplanned-for C2C2B, clicks-and-mortar networks? We pride ourselves not only on our functionality, but our simple administration and newbie-proof operation. Think plug-and-play. Our technology takes the best aspects of WAP and Flash. We will unleash the buzzword «strategic». Think ultra-C2B2B. Our technology takes the best aspects of Apache and XHTML. Think super-real-world. We think that most compelling web portals use far too much RDF, and not enough Unix. If all of this comes off as astonishing to you, that’s because it is! It sounds disorienting, but it’s 100 percent 100% 100% realistic!

Mer av hans arbeider her.

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